Recording, Mixing, Mastering

A recording studio is not just a collection of bricks and mortar with a vast array of gadgetry within. At its heart, the studio is the place you come to play when it matters most. It should be a creative environment which inspires you to do your best work.

Lost Boys Studio is just such an environment. Handily placed just an hour from London in rural Bedfordshire, we're set in rolling countryside in a beautiful 16th-Century converted barn. Inside the studio, you're cocooned from the outside world. All that matters is you and how you play.

We understand the creative process and the whole environment is tuned to making sure your work is created in a comforting and inspiring atmosphere. From the lighting to the live rooms, Lost Boys will inspire you in a way no other studio can manage. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


We have:

  • 3 Dedicated Live Areas, for recording & rehearsing
  • 2 Control Rooms, both with fully loaded Pro Tools HD3 Accel rigs
  • Comprehensive range of quality outboard & instruments
  • Lounge/TV/Kitchen Area
  • Free broadband via airport/wireless or Ethernet cable.
  • Off-road parking for up to 8 cars.

Equipment List

32 flying fader Digidesign Procontrol Desk, controlling Digidesign 192 track Pro Tools HD3 Accel rig, with 32 channels of simultaneous Apogee AD/DA Conversion, running on a 12 core Mac Dual 3.3ghz  Mac Pro, & capable of 10 independent Cue/headphone mixes.

 Pro Tools HD 10.3, Reason 5, Live8, Logic Pro X, Komplete 9

Plug-ins: Sony Oxford, Cranesong, Focusrite, Bomb factory, Altiverb, Autotune, Waves Horizon, Drawmer, TC Electronic,  Digidesign, Massey, Line6 + others.

Dynaudio DM15,. ADAM active. Laney Wedge monitors x3. Multiple headphones


  • Neve 1073 dual channel preamp
  • Audient ASP880 8 channel solid state preamp x2
  • Vintage Urei 1176 Peak Limiter
  • Drawmer 1960, 2 Channel Valve Preamp/Compressor  x2
  • TL Audio EQ1 , 2 Channel Valve Mic Pre/4-band EQ x6
  • Focusrite Green Focus EQ Preamp/EQ x4
  • Focusrite Green Voicebox 
  • Digitech VTP1 2 Channel Valve Preamp/EQ
  • Aphex 2 channel Aural Exciter
  • Peavey 2 Channel Graphic EQ
  • Presonus Headphone Amps x12

Neumann U87x2 , Neumann TLM 103 x3 , AKG C3000 , SM57x5 , Beta 57 , SM58 x2 Audio Technica ATM25 x5 (Tom Mics) , AKG D112 Kick Mic , AKG C451(CK1 Capsule) , AKG C1000 , Pure1 x2 (Neuman copy) plus various other assorted mics inc

Instruments & Amps

  • Sovtek Valve Tube Midget Amp Heads x2
  • Vintage Vox AC10
  • Hughs & Kettner Warp 4x12 Cabinet x3
  • Hartke VX3500 4x10 + 1x15 Bass rig
  • A range of Classic Modern & Vintage Electric Guitars (Gibson, Fender, Charvel, Fernandes)
  • Yamaha 'Paul Simon' Model Acoustic Guitar
  • 88 Note weighted KB
  • 49 Note Semi-weighted KB